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Taking the leading spots in the Ukrainian IT security sphere the “IT Laboratory” company is a high-tech company that is focused on the complex projects connected to the audit, technical means and software supplies. The company’s main task is to provide business safety and to reduce the risks of the modern informational technology usage. We take the individual approach to the client’s issues that depends on his and his business needs and tasks. We are ready to offer the solution corresponding to client’s needs and tasks without the dependency on organization’s size or geographical spread. The “IT Laboratory” company builds long-termed professional relations with our client because we solve client’s issues connected to the confidential information leaks, cybercrimes disclosure, general informational protection.


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• Audit and consulting;
•Current IT-infrastructure survey, writing of the reports and recommendations;
• Business-analytics
Hardware and software complex, designed for data consolidation, analytics and results prediction. This gives a possibility to make the right decisions and achieve certain goals.
• Solutions for retail and SEC Aggregation of the technologies, software, methods designed to achieve business goals by making optimal decisions with the help of data analysis.
•Development and creation of the data processing systems and telecommunications monitoring;
• Development and creation of the integrated systems that monitor telecommunications;
• Development and creation of the systems that grant access to the information and security systems;
• Development and creation of confidential connection and data protection systems;
• Development and creation of technical complexes that guard borders and objects of especial importance;
• Development and creation of making decisions support, visualization, etc. systems;
• The “IT Laboratory” company provides services that help to evaluate the informational system protection level from the hacking, scanning of the vulnerabilities and social engineering.

Competitive advantages

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• Individual approach to any client, preservation of the confidential information
• Fast reacting
• Lightning-fast reacting
• SOS-regime! – Incident blocking right after noticing;
• Criminalist-expert arrival within 60 minutes after the call
• All-day work regime
• Any convenient communication channels: phone, mobile phone, email.
• International cooperation
• Worldwide scale of activities – partnership with organizations that investigate cyber-crimes and state power structures
• Accelerated investigation of the international incidents – up to thirty times faster (cooperation with the international instances helps to solve the issue in 1-3days, instead of “official” 2-3 months)
• Tried and tested algorithms of the international cooperation while investigating cross-state cyber-crimes, special resources
• Professional and expensive equipment
• Modern mobile and stationary full-featured criminalistics laboratories Special precision systems usage