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WiFi monitor

WiFi audit, tracking and locating active devices and they known AP.

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DPI and DPI SSL based monitoring, analitycs and traffic control software

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BYOD control

Bring your own device (BYOD) and mobile device management (MDM).

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WiFi monitoring and audit soft&hardware.

  • Active and passive devices identification
  • Activity control
  • Broadcast requests collecting
  • Device's known networks identification
  • Handshakes collecting
WiFi monitoring software


  • WiFi monitors signal's based data mapping
  • Cloned WiFi devices detecting
  • WiFi devices tracking
  • Detection of vulnerable WiFi devices
Geo server. Threeleteration of WiFi access points. Vulnerable WiFi devices detection

Centurion WiFi

  • Vihecle/stationary based WiFi monitor hardware maintaining
  • MAC clones monitoring
  • Traffic dumping
  • Securing perimeter control
Vihecle based WiFi monitor hardware


  • Banking/financial systems, payments/blockchain/in-game processing
  • Filters and lists to check each transaction
  • Automated and manual control
  • Standard and unique rules
Antifraude. Banking/financial systems, payments/blockchain/in-game processing

Security Awareness

  • Government and corporate security awareness programs
  • Education about security policies and procedures for employees
  • Continuity of Operations (COOP) and IT Disaster Planning
  • Step by step policies for security threats discovered
  • COOP Architecture Design and Implementation Services
Security Awareness

Secure network space

  • Architeting the secured networks
  • Maintaining security awareness systems
  • Penetration testing
Secure network space

BYOD Security

  • Alarming unknown devices network connections
  • Monitoring own devices activities
  • BYOD access control
  • Activities evidence collecting
  • Detecting and blocking unusual activities
BYOD Security

IT infrastructure penetration testing service description.

  • Black Box Penetration Testing
  • White Box Penetration Testing
  • IT infrastructure security audit
  • Third-party risk monitoring


  • Technical support for cybercrime investigation and analysis
  • Network Forensics
  • Disk Forensics
  • Internet Forensics